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United Nations Claim “IS” Using Video Games to Recruit Terrorists

Islamic State (IS) poses an increasing threat to global security. The head of the counter-terrorism at the United Nations, Vladimir Voronkov, has warned about IS using online platforms like social media and games to spread hate propaganda and recruit terrorists. Expanding the organisation in the Sahel and other parts of Africa is a big concern for global security.

IS, a terrorist organisation, has been in the news since the US Homeland security reported about the organisation gaining widespread and lasting influence two weeks back. IS had threatened to attack Saudi Arabia, China, and UAE embassies in Afghanistan. As a precaution, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Pakistan have closed their embassies.

In the latest news, more than 20 terrorists have escaped prison after the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. It was reported that the terrorist gave US dollars to security personnel to escape. However, due to the catastrophic earthquake, the question of possessing the US dollar is currently ignored.

Meanwhile, the counter-terrorism department of the United Nations has issued a fresh warning against IS which wreaked havoc in Iraq and Syria in 2014 of not having lost influence and the fact that is growing now beyond Iraq and Syria. Voronkov presented a report to the UN on the increasing threat of IS in an existing conflict zone.

IS has been using technology to spread hate propaganda and recruit terrorists using the Internet, social media, video games and online gaming platforms. At the same time, attacks are being carried out using surveillance drones and suicide drones. Voronkov informed that the organisation uses social media and gaming platforms to organise funds.

Meanwhile, Voronkov also explained that this organisation had expanded its presence in the central and southern regions, including the Sahel region of Africa. A few days ago, the UN’s UNDP warned that the sub-Saharan African countries facing unemployment and economic crisis are becoming new hotbeds of terrorism.

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