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UMBRA’s OSINT Collection Capabilities

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is critical to every nation state.

The UMBRA Collection Platform provides real time comprehensive view of collected intelligence from various sources. The system allows for more effective operation management by allowing the operators to control all available intelligence gathering tools from a single, unified dashboard. By allowing centralized control, alongside presentation of key intelligence and insights the overall operational effectiveness is significantly increased.

The UMBRA Analytics Platform system fuses all field intelligence meta-data and cyber intelligence content, as well as other data sources, to highlight and identify suspicious activity, important events and analyze suspects’ relationships and communications. The system can provide in-depth operational understanding in near-real-time to the field operations teams.

Further, the data is used by our predictive analytics algorithms and utilizing AI and ML we generate actionable forecasts and tactics.

The UMBRA therefore, offers threat intelligence in real time.

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