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UMBRA Protects Against Insider Espionage and Leaks

UMBRA prevents any type of data leak due to Device-to-Device encryption. D2D encryption delivers perfect security assurance due to our genius engineering team that has invented a new model for data security that required an innovative look at the problem. The approach we took was to protect the data itself. Almost all other data security products try to build a perimeter or being fanatic on user credentials. However, once the product is breached or a password is stolen, even if it is 2FA or encrypted, your firms data is in the clear.

You see, D2D cryptography is embedded with the data itself through our inventive and patented process of DNA BindingTM. Therefore, even if credentials are stolen the data cannot be exfiltrated. This means that all data is 100% protected regardless of the type of attack. This holds true for customer and user data as well. No theft of user information is possible.

For example, a vast data leak is reported to have revealed details of the accounts and hidden wealth of more than 18,000 foreign clients of the banking giant Credit Suisse, allegedly including “corrupt autocrats, suspected war criminals and human traffickers”.

A self-described whistle-blower leaked the data, collectively holding more than $100 billion, to the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung. The newspaper shared the data with a nonprofit journalism group, the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, and 46 other news organizations around the world.

The leak represents the latest in a series of setbacks for the Swiss bank, including an internal spying scandal and, in January, the resignation of its chairman after barely eight months in the role, following an internal investigation which reportedly discovered he had violated coronavirus regulations.

We can even keep paper from walking out the door with many of our physical premises security measures.

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