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UMBRA Predictive Analytics — Genuine Proactive Intelligence

Security has traditionally been viewed as a predominantly reactive measure to help protect people, property, and assets. But with new advancements in security technology, this approach is changing.

Organizations are increasingly identifying the opportunity that lies within a more proactive approach to security. As such, they are beginning to rethink their security strategy. Security is no longer simply about proving what has happened but predicting what will happen – and leveraging data-driven insights to assist in solving problems before they even occur.

UMBRA’s advances in security technologies – combined with the application of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and advanced predictive analytics – provide a huge opportunity for organizations to be more proactive and predictive with their security.

Utilizing insights provided by security technology can make it possible to identify where security risks lie and gives awareness over what those risks might be. This understanding can help organizations to be better prepared for when these threats do occur.

Advancements in security technologies can also help reduce false alarms and assist in improving response times to events of interest. For example, AI can provide organizations with an understanding of access patterns within their buildings and therefore can identify anomalies such as unusual arrival or departure times or attempts to open the wrong doors. Once a risk is identified, guards can be notified; alerts on intercom systems can be flagged; or the restriction of access points can be implemented to prevent the issue escalating, significantly decreasing the chance of security breaches.

This proactive approach to security means organizations are able to identify any potential vulnerabilities before they become a risk.