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Ukraine Expecting Massive Cyber Attacks on Critical Infrastructure

The Ukrainian government says it is bracing to deal with “massive cyberattacks” from Russian hackers against critical infrastructure targets in the energy sector.

In a brief statement released Monday, Ukraine’s defense intelligence agency warned that Kremlin-backed hackers are planning to carry out massive cyberattacks on the critical infrastructure facilities of Ukrainian enterprises.

The agency also accused Russia of planning cyberattacks on critical infrastructure institutions of Ukraine’s allies, primarily Poland and the Baltic States.

“First of all, [the] attacks will be aimed at enterprises in the energy sector. The experience of cyberattacks on Ukraine’s energy systems in 2015 and 2016 will be used when conducting operations,” the defense intelligence agency said.

Ukraine believes the cyberattacks will look to increase the effect of missile strikes on electricity supply facilities, primarily in the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine.

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