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UK Launches National Protective Security Agency as Part of Intelligence Agency MI5

The U.K. government says a new national agency will work with the private sector to stymie national security threats including foreign hackers after British intellectual property.

The new National Protective Security Authority, part of domestic intelligence agency MI5, will offer training and guidance to organizations ranging from tech startups to universities.

The new agency will coordinate with the country’s National Cyber Security Center and the National Counter Terrorism Security Office.

The new agency came as Westminster announced an update to British foreign policy identifying Russia and China as significant threats. “China poses an epoch-defining challenge to the type of international order we want to see,” said the government of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. Britain will work with China on matters such as climate change, the document states. “But where there are attempts by the Chinese Communist Party to coerce or create dependencies, we will work closely with others to push back against them.”

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