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Threat Intelligence Is A Critical Business Tool

Think of threat intelligence as the data that helps to inform the decisions in managing the risk a business is willing to take. Organizations can create their own threat intelligence feeds or purchase a feed specific to their vertical market or geographic location.

Keep in mind that the raw data received from threat intelligence is significant in size, and the noise-to-frequency ratio is something that needs fine-tuning over time. Automating threat intelligence helps reduce human error, increases fidelity through pattern matching, and delivers results more quickly. Using automated threat intelligence means the right stakeholders can receive relevant and actionable information more quickly.

Overall, threat intelligence helps organizations:

  • Reduce costs associated with the impact of a breach
  • Reduce the risk of a cyber incident to steal data and disrupt business operations
  • Increase collaboration and cross-functional work of the IT, development, security, and lines of business teams

With the increase and determination of cyber adversaries, organizations are trying to become more resilient. Part of that resiliency includes having a cybersecurity team that is efficient, effective, and proactive. Threat intelligence is a smart way to understand what is going on inside your network, applications, and systems to help stay ahead of adversaries and deliver on the goal of a resilient enterprise.

OSINT is the corner stones of threat intelligence.

The UMBRA Collection Platform provides real time comprehensive view of collected intelligence from various sources. The system allows for more effective operation management by allowing the operators to control all available intelligence gathering tools from a single, unified dashboard. By allowing centralized control, alongside presentation of key intelligence and insights the overall operational effectiveness is significantly increased.

The UMBRA Analytics Platform system fuses all field intelligence meta-data and cyber intelligence content, as well as other data sources, to highlight and identify suspicious activity, important events and analyze suspects’ relationships and communications. The system can provide in-depth operational understanding in near-real-time to the field operations teams.

The UMBRA delivers threat intelligence in real time.

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