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Threat Intelligence and Quantum Computing – All Current Data Will Be Unlocked In The Future

Quantum computing threatens all information currently protected by 2048-bit RSA encryption. This means everything you are d0ing now, and consider to be secure, will eventually be hacked.

When it comes to communications, almost all data is secured by distributing a shared key to the sender and receiver, and then using this common key to encrypt the message. The receiver can then use their key to decode the data at their end.

Data security of most communication today is based on an algorithm for creating keys that is difficult for hackers to break, but as we know, not impossible.

Quantum Computing Will Easily defeat All RSA Encryption

It is easy to see how with qubits, traditional encryption will become obsolete.

Why is this?  Put very simply, in our current model of computing, the power comes from parallel processing which can only be ascertained through linking separate processors. Parallel processing is external to the individual processor.

This thinking is reversed in quantum computing, which uses the quantum mechanics principle that a single object can be in multiple places at the same time. This multiplicity can be translated to variables which can in principle be different variables in a single algorithm that can be processed simultaneously. In other words, the parallel processing needed for current computer power is now moved inside a single processor. The computing power and time requirements are both exponentially affected.

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