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The WEF Cybercrime Atlas

The Cybercrime Atlas is an initiative from the World Economic Forum (WEF) to map activities of cybercriminals and create a database that can be used by law enforcement across the world to disrupt the cyber-criminal ecosystem. Cybercrime Atlas officially launched in 2023 in a partnership between WEF and Banco Santander, Fortinet, Microsoft, and PayPal. Cybercrime Atlas was conceptualized by WEF’s Partnership against Cybercrime, which includes more than 40 public and private organizations.

The aim is to build a comprehensive picture of the cybercrime landscape covering criminal operations, shared infrastructure, and networks. The result, the involved parties expect, will be that the links between the information gathered about threat actors will help the security industry more effectively disrupt the cybercriminal ecosystem.

For this initial iteration, actionable intelligence has been collected from 13 criminal groups across the main attack landscape — ransomware, business email compromise, malware, and card fraud.

These will eventually be shared with global law enforcement groups such as Interpol and FBI, but it will also help the analysts and vendors involved — those who lent their best analysts — to find commonalities in the attackers’ actions and ways.

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