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The African Union – Agenda 2063

Agenda 2063 is a set of initiatives proposed and currently under implementation by the African Union. It was adopted on 31 January 2015 at the 24th Ordinary Assembly of the Heads of State and Governments of the African Union in Addis Ababa. The proposed set of initiatives has Pan-Africanism at its core and are in line with the UN (United Nations) Sustainable Development Goals.

Some key and flagship projects or initiatives under Agenda 2063 include:
– The establishment of an African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).
– Creation of an African passport, and removal of all visa requirements for its holders within Africa.
– Silencing the guns.
– A high-speed train network connecting all African capitals and commercial centers.
– The formulation of a strategy for transforming the African economy from a supplier of raw materials to one that actively uses its own resources.

Silencing the Guns is a flagship initiative. It aspires to end all wars and conflicts, prevent genocide, and eliminate gender-based violence. The AU’s campaign aims to achieve a conflict-free Africa, prevent genocide, make peace a reality for all and rid the continent of wars, violent conflicts, human rights violations, and humanitarian disasters. However, the goal of silencing the guns in Africa this decade is being challenged by climate change, terrorism, coups and the continent’s history.

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