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South Africa Trucking Sector Targeted as “Economic Terrorism”

More trucks have been torched across South Africa, adding fuel to the fire for the country’s struggling supply chain following unaccounted-for acts of ‘economic terrorism’.

Over the past three days, 16 trucks have been torched in KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo and Mpumalanga.

The CEO of the Road Freight Agency (RFA), said that these nationwide acts threaten the value chain that transports roughly 80% of the goods in and around South Africa.

A rough estimate of 7,000 vehicles being affected for one day, this could lead to R35 million in sector losses running into billions when international business confidence plummets.

Opposition party, the Democratic Alliance (DA), said that it plans to open a case in terms of the Protection of Constitutional Democracy Against Terrorist and Related Activities Act (POCDATARA Act) to demand a full investigation into the recent attacks on trucks.

“These are not isolated incidents. The sheer precision and efficiency indicate a disturbing level of coordination that has managed to outmanoeuvre the SAPS,” said the DA.

The POCDATARA Act is used to define any act that involves systematic, repeated, or arbitrary use of violence by any means or method, or which causes substantial damage to any property, or causes any major economic loss or extensive destabilisation of an economic system or substantial devastation of the national economy of a country, or which intimidates, induces, or causes feelings of insecurity, including economic security, is defined as a terrorist activity.

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