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Shanghai Cooperation Organization Commits To Counter-Terrorism Efforts

The member countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) on Friday came up with a unanimous resolution that terrorism, in all its forms, should be “condemned and controlled”, Defence Secretary Giridhar Aramane said, adding that India, as the chair of SCO this year, will ensure a safe and secure future.

Addressing the reporters at the conclusion of the SCO Defence Ministers’ Meeting on Friday, Mr Aramane said, “All the member countries were unanimous in their statement that the terrorism, in whatever form, shall be condemned and controlled.”

“The extra-territorial terrorist activities, smuggling, narcotics and other areas, which have been identified as areas for cooperation, will be acted upon in the coming years,” he added.
The two-day SCO Defence Ministers meeting started on April 27 and was represented by delegates from all member-states — hosts India, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Pakistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

He added that India, as the chair of the SCO this year, will “lead from this trend in ensuring a safe and secure future for this region and the entire world in the larger context”.

Calling the meeting of the Council of Defence Ministers of SCO “successful”, Aramane said, “We are fortunate that there was a joint Communique and protocol signed by all the defence ministers today.”
“It is indeed a tribute to the cooperative attitude of all the member countries of this organization that we could arrive at a consensus with regard to several areas of cooperation in the defence sector,” the Defence Secretary added.

He said the main sectors of cooperation will be humanitarian assistance and disaster relief to the vulnerable populations, cooperation in increasing the security of the vulnerable populations living in various countries in the region and also cooperation among the member countries in anti-terrorist activities.

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