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Saudi Aramco CEO States Cyber Attacks Are Its Greatest Threat – AI Is Their Response

Cyber attacks are one of the top risks faced by Saudi Arabia’s state oil giant Aramco, on a par with natural disasters and physical attacks, the company’s chief executive said on Tuesday at an artificial intelligence summit in Riyadh.

“While these attacks are growing in scale and severity, AI is helping us to fend off some of these threats,” Amin Nasser said.

Saudi Aramco uses AI to model the Kingdom’s geological situation, which contributes to monitoring carbon emissions, predicting safety risks, while avoiding power failures and improving its use and ways through which energy products are provided to customers.

Nasser emphasized that the role of AI is to complement the human aspect and not to replace it, pointing out that companies should determine an optimal mix of human and automated capabilities.

Building a mature AI ecosystem is an important pillar of Saudi Aramco’s strategy, and positioning it as an integrated network makes it stronger, he concluded.

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