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Qatar World Cup to Fight “Rogue” Drones With Their Own “DroneHunters”

THE FIFA World Cup in Qatar is set to see a series of drones deployed around stadiums to protect the event from terrorism and provide additional security to venues.

The news comes as the four-yearly event is due to take place at the end of the year for the first time in the Persian Gulf. Security has remained a huge concern due to the volatility of the region, with a conflict between Yemen and Saudi Arabia on the doorstep, and Qatar being once accused of supporting terrorism through funding, something the wealth gas-rich state vehemently denies. The aim of the project is to have drones patrolling the skies equipped with nets and other such devices to bring down hostile drones that may be a security threat.

The unmanned remotely controlled UAVs will target “rogue” drones using technology provided by Fortem Technologies, following an agreement to deploy the equipment between the company and the Ministry of Interior of Qatar.

Deploying such technology reflects the current fears that hostile drones could be used in a terrorist attack, with commercially available drones easily adapted to carry explosives or other harmful substances.

Using the nets and counter-drone drones is a safe and efficient way to take out any suspicious aircraft in built-up and crowded locations, reducing the risk of an attack, and injury when securing the target in the process.

The autonomous, radar-guided interceptor drones – dubbed DroneHunters by the firm – tackle small consumer drones by firing nets to snare the target drone which may then be carried to another location.

For larger drones, a net is launched at the target which is connected to a parachute, slowing the entangled target and forcing it to the ground.

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