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PM Modi Asks For Global Legal Framework on Terrorism

Prime Minister Narendra Modi appealed for the need for an unbiased, strong and independent judiciary in working towards a developed nation by the year 2047 and emphasised on need for a global legal framework to combat terrorism.

Addressing the International Lawyers’ Conference 2023 in Vigyan Bhawan in the national capital, PM Modi said, “One month ago, Bharat became the first nation to reach the South pole of the moon. We are working towards becoming a developed (nation) by 2047. For this, an unbiased, strong, and independent judiciary is needed.”

He emphasised on bringing in a global legal framework to prevent cyber terrorism, money laundering or artificial intelligence misuse.

“I am hoping that through this conference, we can all learn from each other. Whether it is cyber terrorism, money laundering, artificial intelligence or its misuse, we need a global framework for these. It’s not one government that can do this. Common rules and regulations will have to be made. So that we can establish peace in the world. Legal frameworks of different countries need to join together,” the PM said.

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