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OSINT Detects Disinformation

In a recent video posted by pro-Russian figures which showed “Ukrainian” soldiers harassing a family was proven false by OSINT. OSINT is the use of open source intelligence and is the combination of many types of intelligence. OSINT is a very useful tool especially in the Russian-Ukrainian war.

The video of the soldiers harassing the family was proven false for a couple reasons. One of which was the wrong color armband being worn. Another reason was that Ukrainian soldiers aren’t allowed to use dash cams for military reasons.

A group of people using OSINT focused on Ukraine areas where dashcams aren’t banned and found the location to a high degree of confidence. This was done by matching surrounding nature, pylons, and roads.

From this new location, it showed that the video took place 30 kilometers away from the border and not on the border, which was where it was thought to be. This is just one example of many of where OSINT can be used to fight the war on disinformation.

UMBRA OSINT capabilities are exceptional at separating intelligence from disinformation. Further, UMBRA is able to generate the most current situational analysis.

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Article contributed by Anthony DiTaranto