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NYC Subway Adds AI Surveillance Tech

The next time you walk through the turnstile at a New York City subway station, AI might be watching you.

The city’s subway system is now using AI surveillance technology to track fare evasion. The AI integrates with existing camera infrastructure in stations to monitor video feeds in real time, providing 24/7 data on when and how people are getting onto the subway without paying.

Though the technology is currently only in use at 7 stations across the city, NYC’s Metropolitan Transport Authority (M.T.A.) plans to expand its use to two dozen more stations by the end of the year. The M.T.A. has not indicated which stations the technology is in use at or those that it plans on expanding to.

This comes at a time when the M.T.A. has been grappling with how to deal with fare evasion after it lost $690 million to fare evasion last year, according to a May report. The agency recently announced the first increase of the base fare since 2015.

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