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Nigeria’s Burgeoning Security Studies Program

In the wake of continued successes recorded by Nigeria in its onslaught against terrorism, seven African countries are seeking inclusion in the training curricular of the National Institute for Security Studies NISS, Abuja, the executive training arm of Nigeria’s Department of State Services DSS.

Many African countries have shown increasing interest in activities at the institute and five participants from four African countries are part of the institute’s Executive Management Course EMC 15 set to graduate soon. Seven countries from Africa have approached the NISS to give them slots. In the next few years, they are hopeful to have the whole of Africa attend courses in this institute.

The 10-month long Executive Management Course 15 which began in February this year would come to an end on December 3. 78 participants including five participants from Rwanda, Niger, Ghana and Gambia, the military, paramilitary, regulatory agencies and MDAs would be graduating.

The National Institute for Security Studies NISS was established to prepare high-level security intelligence professionals, as well as senior level managers for critical roles in the sustenance of national security.

The main objective for the establishment of the institute is to provide top level management with a broader outlook, intellectual depth and the capacity to deal efficiently and effectively with deep analytical insight into the development and utilization of available resources towards effective management of the complex security challenges in a democratic dispensation.

NISS is also designed to provide senior level managers the required operational and administrative capacity to identify and analyze security threats with a view to proffering implementable strategies to either prevent the threat or to mitigate their impacts.

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