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National Defense Relies on Predictive Analytics and Threat Intelligence

A new generation of advanced analytics—high-level diagnostic and predictive—is offering defense organizations the opportunity to take advantage of one of their most valuable resources—data. Data can be used to make more insightful, forward-looking decisions about readiness, logistics, personnel, intelligence, and a host of other critical defense concerns.

Typically, organizations look at data in isolated silos—such as training, personnel, equipment, or supply chains—and then theorize about the impact those areas may have on one another. With advanced analytics, they can break down those silos to see the larger picture, with the full scope of interrelationships.

At UMBRA, we show how it can help defense organizations today, from readiness and logistics planning to workforce management and military intelligence.

We also pull back the curtain on how data science works—transforming information into action.

The time is right for the defense community to capitalize on this progress—and harness predictive analytics to support the warfighter, and drive mission success, in powerful new ways. By adopting recent advances in data science technologies and approaches, defense organizations can make a smooth, cost-effective transition from hindsight to foresight.

From the Shadow Comes Foresight