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Japan’s “Sushi Terrorists” Nabbed

Police in Japan have arrested two men for contaminating a communal bowl of pickled ginger at a fast food restaurant, after a video of the prank was shared widely on social media.

The arrests come as similar acts involving food, dubbed online as “#sushitero” or “#sushiterrorism”, appear to be becoming more commonplace. Previously, the pranks had mostly affected the country’s famous sushi conveyor belt restaurants, prompting questions about their future.

Ryu Shimazu, 35, and Toshihide Oka, 34, were accused of obstruction of business and property damage, Osaka police told CNN, after the duo used their own chopsticks to eat red ginger directly from a communal bowl at Yoshinoya, a popular beef bowl chain in the city, back in September.

video shared on social media shows a man, believed to be Shimazu, vigorously eating the ginger. According to the police, Shimazu said he did it because “he wanted to make everyone laugh,” while Oka said he shared the video “because it was funny.”

The video made regular customers feel uncomfortable and uneasy.

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