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Interpol and African Police Groups Agree To Information Sharing Program

Police leaders from Africa have voted to adopt a series of far-reaching recommendations to boost the exchange of police data within the region.

With the amount of data that countries across the region share through INTERPOL systems increasing by 7 per cent in the past year, even greater information sharing within and beyond Africa is recognized as a necessary condition to effectively address global crime threats.

INTERPOL’s Africa strategy, which was adopted by delegates on the final day of the conference, will seek to strengthen the exchange of “actionable information” through a set of targeted projects.

Reinforcing strategic partnerships with the African Union and regional police chief organizations will also be prioritized, with initiatives such as the INTERPOL Support Programme for the African Union (ISPA) demonstrating tangible results.

Every year, Africa loses on average USD 60 billion in illicit financial flows, and more than USD 140 billion to corruption. The African Union will continue to rely on African police through AFRIPOL, INTERPOL and police in member states to respond to these threats,.

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