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International Anti-Corruption Day

International Anti-Corruption Day is observed globally on December 9 to raise awareness of corruption and of the role of the Convention in combating and preventing it. Corruption threatens the social and economic development of societies around the world, which is why this day aims to educate people on this issue. All countries are affected by corruption, which is considered a complex social, political, and economic phenomenon. No region, community, or country is immune to corruption.

In 2022, International Anti-Corruption Day (IACD) aims to emphasize the importance of anti-corruption in ensuring peace, security, and development. In 2022, the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) will also mark its twentieth anniversary.

The theme for this year’s international day is “UNCAC at 20: Uniting the World Against Corruption“. Corruption attacks the foundation of democratic institutions by distorting electoral processes, perverting the rule of law, and creating bureaucratic quagmires whose only reason for existing is the soliciting of bribes.

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