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Hacktivism and OSINT in Middle East Threats Rise Exponentially Due to Israel Palestine Conflict

At least 15 known ransomware groups “have announced their active participation in disruptive attacks targeting institutions in Israel and Palestine, as well as their supporters.” These include Anonymous Sudan, and Killnet, both of whom will be focusing on targets in Israel, with Killnet stating such on its Telegram channel. A handful of groups from India have announced similar intentions, with at least one claiming a successful attack on the Palestinian government website, according to its own post on Twitter/X.

The first hacktivist attacks were launched against Israel by Anonymous Sudan less than one hour after the first rockets were fired by Hamas. The group targeted emergency warning systems, claiming to have taken down alerting applications in Israel. The Jerusalem Post, the largest English-language daily newspaper in Israel, was also targeted by Anonymous Sudan.

The power grid named Israel Independent System Operator apparently had its network compromised and its website shut down its website by a group that also targeted the Israel Electric Corporation. A pro-Israel group called ThreatSec claims to have compromised the infrastructure of Gaza-based ISP AlfaNet.

Journalists caution that claims on social media are often exaggerated to further the cause of the groups.

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