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Government Needs UMBRA Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics and artificial intelligence are poised to transform how governments operate, but experts say that won’t happen if federal IT leaders don’t take steps now to pave the way.

The US federal government, in order to remain competitive economically and militarily, will need to foster a policy environment that promotes innovation and provides sustained investment in this space. To win the AI/ML race and be prepared to defend against AI-enabled threats, the government will need to invest more heavily than it does today.

These technologies have the potential to reduce the risk of fraud in federal benefits programs; predict citizen demand for services; anticipate supply and demand flows; and predict failures in data centers, machines and vehicles. Further, predictive analytics are critical in the threat intelligence area.

Agencies will likely continue to make progress in testing these technologies and deploying them in small-scale initiatives next year, but it will take sustained investment to scale those up across the government.

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