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Ghana Immigration Services to Implement Reforms to Stem Terrorism

The new Strategic Plan of the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS), rich in training direction for officers charged with border security management, is an appropriate response to the insecurity in the West African sub-region of which our country is an integral part.

The West African sub-region has evolved to become home to terrorists, bandits and kidnappers.

The wave of refugees from terrorist-laden Burkina Faso to Ghana speaks volumes about the subject.

Policymakers need to consider augmenting support for the GIS in the light of their constitutional mandate of securing the frontiers.

There could not have been a better response to the terrorism threat than altering as contained in the training regimen of officers at the Immigration Academy and by extension the Training School.

Officers, men and women, must be properly educated about the changed times in the light of terrorism next-door to our country.

Today’s immigration officer must be one ready to take on and defeat terrorists who traverse our frontiers using time-tested tactics, field craft and fire control orders.

Gurther, the use of technology and advanced threat intelligence capabilites is a mandatory.

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