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Europe Warned About Cyber Threat to Industrial Infrastructure

Malicious cyber actors pose a serious threat to Europe’s industrial infrastructure, with at least ten hacker groups known to target European organizations, according to a new report from industrial cybersecurity firm Dragos.

The number of threat groups observed targeting organizations with industrial control system (ICS) or other operational technology (OT) environments has increased significantly over the past years. In February, Dragos said it had been tracking 18 such groups, including ones that have actually breached ICS/OT networks.

In a report published on Tuesday, Dragos said ten of the threat groups tracked by the company have conducted operations aimed at European entities, including disruptive and destructive attacks. These groups are tracked as Xenotime, Magnallium, Electrum, Allanite, Chrysene, Kamacite, Covellite, Vanadinite, Parisite, and Dymalloy. Some of these groups have been linked to China, Russia, Iran and North Korea.

In addition to these advanced persistent threats (APTs), Europe’s industrial sector is often also targeted by profit-driven cybercrime groups.

Of the roughly 3,200 OT-specific vulnerabilities tracked by Dragos, nearly 500 directly impact organizations in Europe, and over 100 of them can be exploited to cause loss of view and/or loss of control.

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