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Europe Remains On High Alert

Russian military advancements are at their peak stage and the risk of Russian aggression against Ukraine will remain high for the rest of February.

Western intelligence had established that the greatest period of risk of conflict or an unintended military incident was at the present time.

Russia said more of its forces surrounding Ukraine were withdrawing on Wednesday, after it announced the end to some military exercises on Tuesday.

We are at a peak period where the exercises that the Russians had announced are in their active phases, adding that Russia would likely fire ballistic missiles eastwards from Belarus as part of its drills over the next few months.

There are no credible signs at this point that there will be any kind of military de-escalation.

Russia could now attack Ukraine with essentially no, or little-to-no, warning.

Western intelligence also pointed to Russia’s ability to maintain the current forces in place for several more months if Russian President Vladimir Putin so wished.

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