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Cyber Warfare

Although the number of cyber attacks is rising at an increasing rate, the era of cyber attacks is still generally new. For example, there still isn’t a clear definition of cyber warfare from the Department of Defense (DoD).

Generally speaking, cyber warfare is a series of cyber attacks from one nation to another. Meanwhile, it could be a terrorist organization implementing the cyber attack on another country.

There are many types of cyber attacks which include espionage, sabotage, denial of service, propaganda, surprise attacks, and attacks on critical infrastructure like power grids.

Any of the before mentioned cyber attacks are dangerous in their own right and can be used in certain scenarios to cause the most damage.

There are many examples of cyber attacks in recent years like the Stuxnet virus on the Iranian nuclear program, the hacking of Sony pictures after the release of “The Interview”, and Fancy Bear’s attack on Ukrainian artillery forces.

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Article contributed by Anthony DiTaranto