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Colombia’s ELN Ceasefire Agreement – The Last Guerilla Unit in Colombia Lays Down Arms

Colombia’s President Gustavo Petro and National Liberation Army (ELN) commander “Antonio Garcia” announced a six-month ceasefire between the guerrillas and the security forces.

The ceasefire was negotiated by government and rebel representatives who are in Cuba to negotiate and end to almost 60 years of armed conflict.

The National Liberation Army (ELN) made the announcement via a body called its Central Command. The ceasefire is due to begin August 3.

Founded in 1964, the ELN had more than 5,800 combatants in 2022, according to authorities. It is Colombia’s last active guerrilla group.

On June 9, Colombian negotiators signed a six-month ceasefire agreement with the ELN.

If it holds, the ceasefire would be the longest ever agreed to by the ELN, which has taken part in failed negotiations with Colombia’s last five governments.

Peace talks are due to resume August 14 in Venezuela.

President Gustavo Petro, a former guerrilla, came to power last August pledging a policy of “total peace.”

The much larger Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, laid down arms in a historic peace accord reached in 2016.

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