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China, Pakistan and Iran Meet on Counter-Terrorism Measures

China on Wednesday held a meeting in Beijing with Pakistan and Iran on consultation on counter-terrorism and security, marking the first meeting of its kind.

During the first meeting of the China-Pakistan-Iran Trilateral Consultation on counter-terrorism and security, which was held at Directors General level, in-depth discussions were held on the regional anti-terrorism situation and joint crackdown on cross-border terrorists, according to the Chinese Foreign Ministry in a statement.

Recently, Islamabad accused Tehran of providing sanctuaries to insurgents for orchestrating cross-border attacks in a bid to subvert CPEC while Tehran alleged Islamabad of not doing enough to prevent terrorists from conducting cross-border terrorism into Iran.

Pakistan’s southwestern Baluchistan province is likely an agenda item. The natural resources-rich but impoverished region is central to a multibillion-dollar Chinese-funded program, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)

Based on the outcome of the consultations, the three sides decided to institutionalize the trilateral consultation on counter-terrorism and security.

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