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Bosnia and Herzegovina Parliamentarisms Told “Not To Even Turn On Their Computers” Due to Cyber Espionage

Prosecutors in Bosnia and Herzegovina are investigating a wide-ranging cyberattack that has crippled the operations of the country’s parliament.

For nearly two weeks, the website for the country’s parliament has been down, and local news outlet Nezavisne spoke with several lawmakers who said they were told to not even turn on their computers, barring them from access to their email accounts and official documents.

Zlatko Miletić, a delegate in the House of Peoples, told Nezavisne that it is impossible for lawmakers to get any work done and that the attack started around September 8 or 9.

While the prosecutor would not say what type of attack it is, sources confirmed to Nezavisne that it involved ransomware. The Sarajevo Times reported that the main server of parliament was shut off after the attack.

“Users are unable to access the server, and the e-mail address and the official website are inactive,” a parliament spokesperson told the news outlet.

Several lawmakers said part of why they were told not to turn on their computers was out of fear ransomware would spread to their device.

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