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Bank Of Ghana Launches Intelligence System To Enhance National Security and Thwart Attacks

A Financial Industry Command Security Operations CentreĀ (FICSOC) has been opened by the Bank of Ghana.

The bank and Ghana’s Cyber Security Authority have worked together to improve the national cybersecurity posture in the banking sector in the country. It was determined that the Bank of Ghana needed to establish a security information and event management (SIEM) system to send logs, alerts, aggregate information, and reports, and to enable threat intelligence sharing with other banks to improve their incident response mechanisms.

This FICSOC project is a key component of the systems that need to be dealt with the challenges of cybersecurity. This project will help provide real-time visibility into cyber threats and attacks targeting the banking sector.

The hope is that the facility will become one of the top national security facilities in the country and contribute to improving cybersecurity issues among financial sector institutions.

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