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AWS Launches Data Analytics Platform

AWS has introduced AI for data analytics (AIDA) partner solutionswhich embed predictive analytics into mainstream analytics workspaces. AWS AIDA partner solutions make it possible for business experts to use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to derive better insights from data and take action.

These AI/ML solutions from Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partners have interfaces and integrations that help bring predictive analytics into the normal workflow of business experts, those who use data to run their business, and those who have limited data science experience.

Benefits of empowering business experts with ML capabilities include:

  • Improving employee experience and productivity by offering business experts access to predictive analytics within their favorite analytics tools.
  • Lowering operational costs by using foresight to generate optimisations in each department—some examples include supply pre-positioning and re-order optimizations, or workforce scheduling.
  • Driving top line growth by better predicting customer churn, creating next-best-action and next-best-offer playbooks, or predicting lifetime value of prospects and existing customers to adjust cost of acquisition or cost of retention accordingly.
  • Addressing the shortage of data scientists by expanding the pool of skilled professional with business experts.

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