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America, Brazil and Japan Receive The Most Attacks Against Critical Infrastructure

Cyber attacks are something that employers must be diligent against in today’s day and age. As technology expands, so do their vulnerabilities.

In the recent BlackBerry Global Threat Intelligence Report regarding cyber attacks, it shows that from 2022-2023, there were 12 tracked attacks per minute. Additionally, the number of new malware attacks was around 1.5 attacks per minute.

All countries have to deal with malware and other cyber threats, but America, Brazil, Canada and Japan deal with the most cyber attacks. Likewise to malware attacks being prominent in certain countries, these attacks were more prominent in the financial, healthcare, and food sectors.

A commonly used ransomware attack being used is a remote access trojan (RAT). An example of recent random access usage is against a semiconductor manufacturing plant in Taiwan.

Although the highest percentage of attacks focus on the healthcare industry, government entities and critical infrastructure have also been targeted by these attacks.

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Article contributed by Anthony DiTaranto