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AI Delivers New Levels of Speed, Scale and Accuracy to OSINT

Open source intelligence (OSINT) which once consisted primarily of information from foreign news sources has grown to contain elements ranging from public records to IP information.

OSINT hasn’t always been the mission-critical tool that it is now. OSINT is using open source information in combination with many other sources of intelligence like geo intelligence, etc to make an operational picture. Artificial intelligence (AI) has exponentially increased the volume of data that can be analyzed in real-time. Today’s AI-enabled platforms empower threat intelligence experts to utilize OSINT as the foundation to advanced analytics that can help uncover hidden threats, corroborate classified reporting, and pinpoint the targets that warrant further intelligence gathering.

With OSINT evolving to what it is now, it is important for artificial intelligence (AI) to be an aspect of OSINT. AI can be of use in many ways in OSINT but the main use is its ability to analyze voluminous databases that were previously inaccessible. Further, AI assists in the ability to distinguish relevant intelligence from misinformation.

These large databases which once were seen as a challenge in the OSINT community have become an advantage with the use of AI.

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Article contributed by Anthony DiTaranto