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AI and Threat Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming an integral part of every organization, no matter big or small. Most governments and companies are prioritizing AI into their budgets. Not only to improve efficiency and create new products, but to enhance threat intelligence and defend against cyber attacks against critical infrastructure and national security.

One of the main uses of AI in cyber attack prevention is the ability to identify the threat of an attack. AI can spot unusual behavior and monitor it before any action is taken. AI can spot and potentially take care of the behavior almost immediately. Predictive analytics can automatically address the issue or generate actionable alerts.

Further, AI can monitor and protect even the most vulnerable parts of the network like endpoints. For example, any home-based technology is potentially an access point to IT networks.

Another use of AI in cybersecurity is being able to stay informed. AI can store knowledge from cyber attacks in a database and use machine learning to make better decisions to protect the network.

Finally, AI can continuously test your existing network security for vulnerabilities or unauthorized access.

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Article contributed by Anthony DiTaranto