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The Umbra (Latin for “shadow”) is the innermost and darkest part of a shadow, where the light source is completely blocked by the occluding body. An observer in the umbra experiences a total eclipse.

In our case Umbra stands for protecting government’s data so that no unauthorized eyes could reach it, not even nation states that have the most advanced technology, knowledge and personnel.


We employ & retain the brightest cyber experts that each have minimum 20 years hands on experience with Cybersecurity, Cyber Defense, Encryption, Advanced Programming & Secure Engineering, Network &  Cloud Security, LI, Artificial Intelligence, Reverse Engineering, Quantum Computing, Big Data Analytics, OSINT platforms,etc.

All members of Umbra go through a very rigurous criminal
& CI background investigations that are more robust and detailed than the ones used by the Intelligence Community.

Our only concern  job is to protect governments against Nation State attacks. We are not a consumer or enterprise company.

Most of the solutions and protects are custom made or tailored for each client. Umbra employees or networks do not, ever, have access or see your data in the clear or store any of your data, in any format, encrypted or not, on our servers.

We work directly with your top technologists and agencies and embed them into every step of your projects for full transparency.

All our secure code is inspected for any possible mistakes, data leakage, backdoor or time bombs by 3 of the best secure code review companies. Clients are welcome & encouraged to supply & conduct their own evaluation of the code, independent of Umbra.

At the end of the project, you own the entire code base written by us for your projects. Maintenance, upgrades & technical support are available as separate yearly contracts.

Your data is the new oil & the most valuable currency in the world. Everything you do with any data as a government, must be treated & protected as Above Top Secret.

All communications (messenger, file transfers, calls, etc) about your projects are handled via Wickr, the most secure messenger in the world, which is end to end encrypted. Please contact us via Wickr @TheUmbra.

Our Capabilities

We provide clients with capabilities to protect their most important & top secret assets and communications and ensure they are cyber resilient.

Various methods, techniques and technologies are used to prevent, identify, assess, mitigate & respond in real time to cyber threats & attacks 24x7.

Recent Projects

Requested Nation Projects:

These are the type of projects requested the most often by our customers:
Ultra Secure Government Networks
Threat Intelligence , Pre-crime + AI
Ultra Secure Communication + Encrypted Phones
Secure SOC for Critical Infrastructure
Reverse Engineering & Malware Labs
Diplomatic Security Services (Physical + Digital)
Open Source + Human Source Intelligence
Terrorism Target Prediction Framework
VIP Protective Details (Air, Land, Sea - All Aspects, Physical & Digital)
World Governments Liaison Services

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Umbra stands for protecting government's data so we'll that no unauthorized eyes could reach it, no even nation states that have the most advanced technology, knowledge and personnel

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Umbra is without any doubt the best cyber & physical security operations global company. Unbelievable results, technology and people.

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